Rúnatýr Kindred, as has been mentioned in the Kindred Structure section, is “described as a Personenverbandsstaat, a German term describing a ‘state of unified peoples’ somewhat comparable to a confederacy”. And as such is comprised of its many moving parts, but primarily, the Hearths. A Hearth is the term employed by the Kindred to mean “Households of a Steward” or that which encompasses the house, property, mores, values, beliefs and family of the Steward. They are the strongholds of our Kindred’s thew (shared customs, usages, general practices of a community), which is built upon by each Hearth’s sido (customs, uses, manners, habits, practice and good conduct). Each Steward is a recognized person of the Kindred, with a household, who provides direction to the whole in “an exchange of efforts for the caring and improvement of the kinship”. In short, a Hearth is the house and home of an active member who is passionate and dedicated to the Kindred in every way and who wants to see the kinship grow and mature by infusing the whole with the customs of their own home. Each Hearth brings its own “heathen flavour” to the table.


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