Here is a simplified account of our Holy tides:



Yuletide (Wintarmânôth): At Yuletide we gather to honour our ancestors, sing An Eeking Gale and drink wassail in worship to Rúnatýr. It is at this time of the year that we are visited by the dreaded wight known to us as Skinnlaus who rides upon the hart Dain. It is through a sacrificial exchange that the wight offers us the “good cheer” or “ol’time seethe”.


Summerfinding (Lentinmânôth): At Summerfinding we gather in worship to Ing and Frîa. We welcome the coming of the long awaited Summer as we make offerings of ritually destroyed and “sown” fertility idols destined to enliven the darkly-damp earth so that it may become verdant once more.


Procession of Nerthus (Wonnemânôth): It is at this time that our kinship gathers at the holy place of Raven’s Knoll to bear witness to the triumphant Holy Mother as she rides through the countryside, spreading mirth and bounty to the good folk of the Ottawa Valley. She rises from the Holy Womb and takes what is rightfully hers beneath the heavens.


St. Jean (Brâkmânôth 24): Though at first it may seem perplexing that we celebrate a “Saint’s Day” as Heathens, however it must be kept in mind that this day is kept for the sole purpose of collecting the holy worts for cunning work. To ensure that the worts are gathered at their peak potency, we must maintain the custom of collecting them on their appropriate day, regardless of its later appellation.


Hail and Horn Gathering (Houwimânôth): Under the Hayer’s Moon, the many good folk from throughout the land come together in great numbers to worship together in the Great Cult of our most Holy Wights. To raise a pole, to speak into the horn and recite holy works in each other’s welcomed company is the fullest of purposes between mankind.


Midsummer (Aranmânôth): At Midsummer the folk of our dearest kinship gather in honour and worship of the Heavenly Maiden Sunna, the Golden Orb of our life. It is our purpose to mend the celestial wain and send it up once again that it may bring us further bounty in the coming years.


Winterfinding (Winthumemânôth): Under the Vintage Moon, the kinship gathers to remember the establishment of the Holy Vé, which is erected at Erikhêm. It is in Đonar’s name that we make a great sacrifice or blót as nothing is more worthy to the Thunderer than this act. We make many offerings to the wellbeing of our kinship in preparation of the coming Season of the Dead.


Symbel (Hervistmânôth): Symbel is a time for remembrance. It is a time set apart for the mingling of the ancient and modern deeds, where the might and mains of the Honoured Dead touch our lips and enliven our hearts. While we hoist the horn and speak rightfully into it, we turn our hearts towards the valiant ones and in doing so, we emulate their great sacrifice(s) for us.



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