Rúnatýr Kindred Banner : Our Standard

The Rúnatýr Kindred Banner is the most prized possession of the kinship as it is a physical manifestation of the bonds which bind the Rúnafolk. It is a standard (OFrk *standhard), a literal standing/rallying point, which when flown, marks that place where folk are gathered. When the Kindred is ‘at home’, it is displayed where the Rúnafolk gather to worship. When it is flown at a gathering, such as at Hail and Horn Gathering, its emplacement marks the central locality of Rúnatyr-ness, which is ‘the point near which those gathered at are most Rúnatýrish’. It is furthermore an embodiment of the Kindred grithyard, meaning ‘place of sanctuary, one’s home’. So when the Banner is up, the Rúnafolk are at home.

The Banner, created by the wife of Stw. Erik, contains important symbolism:

“[The Rúnatýr Kindred Banner] (is) a massive standard, a banner that would represent the ideals that the kindred held most sacred. It consists of two panels hung vertically, the left red, the right black; symbolizing the sacrifice of a people, heathens old and new, while black represents our darkest times and the will to persevere. In the middle of the banner, is found a golden oath-ring inscribed ‘Rúnatýr Kindred’ in the alphabet as well as in the futhark. This ring is a symbol of troth and dedication to those whom we cherish most, kin and kith. At the centre of the oath-ring is a black circle, with the runes ‘*Raido, *Kenaz’ in red-prominence, our blood, our ‘folk-soul’. Not only are they the initials of the Kindred, but the significance of each is profound. Raido representing a ‘journey’[…] Kenaz stands for a torch (or ulcer) and signifies the light in the darkest days and the hardships that push us forward. A mjölnir below, central, representing Thor, ‘Friend to Mankind’, vanquisher of jötnar. Below that, crossed quill and sword, points-up. Representing that the quill is ‘as mighty as the sword’: knowing is a formidable weapon.”

– from the Old Sacred Lore


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