This page is the on-line portal to all things Rúnatýr Kindred. Here you will find information on our kinship, some of our customs & traditions, beliefs and a tiny snapshot into our worldview:

– Primarily this is a site constructed to be a tiny window… a tiny, tiny, tiny little widow… into our undertakings and should offer you as much information and understanding of what we do as though you were here in person, peering with binoculars from half a mile away, under foggy conditions and you happened to read our FaceBook page probably taking much of it out of context…


-If you have come by chance to our events, then you should get the same understanding as though you have stood just outside a window to our stead, within a muffling earshot.

-If you have sat with us at feast on multiple occasions or are a past member, then much of this will look familiar, though some of the inner workings or changes might be less familiar.

-If you are a member, possibly a head of one of our hearths, then this will look quite familiar… or not depending at how much you’ve had to drink, laughed or stayed awake at past gatherings 🙂

Either way it is the hope of the Stewards of Rúnatýr Kindred and members thereof that you get intrigued, perhaps inspired or bewildered by what we have posted on this site.


This is not a Heathenry 101 site… you wanna learn about Heathenry, then the internent is your friend OR if you’re local, come to an event.